Client Online Access Instructions

To log into your brokerage account, please follow these steps:

Click on the link to access Principal's home page:  Principal

1.   Select "Log In" at the top right and then select "Personal"

A.   If you have not been on the site previously, please notice the "New User" link  to Register Now.

B.  When establishing your  new username and password, do NOT use any dashes or spaces when entering your social security and account number

C.   Once you have established your username and password start again at step 1

2.   Enter your Username and hit Continue

3.   Enter your Password and hit enter

4.   Once logged in, click the "Brokerage" link to access your  brokerage account. (If the only account you have with Principal is a brokerage account you will not have to click "Brokerage").

View your brokerage account statements and tax documents

1.   After you log into your brokerage account, select  the "Documents" tab across the top.

2.   Select the document type that you would Like to view:

  • Statements- Account statements
  • Confirms- Trade confirmations
  • Tax Documents

Sign up for E-Delivery

1.   Log into your brokerage account

2.   Click Service> Document Delivery Instructions or click the Enroll Now link from locations within the site or on the Go Paperless pop-up window.

3.   Select the account. If the account is enrolled in eDelivery, the status next to the account number displays Enrolled, otherwise the status displays Not Enrolled. If an e-mail address of record has already been elected for the account, this  address displays in the E-Mail Address field.

4.   For the E-Mail Address, do one of the following, where applicable:

  • To select a different e-mail address, select  the address.
  • To edit  an existing e-mail address, click the Edit E-Mail link.
  • To add a new e-mail address, click the Add E-Mail link.

5.   To receive notifications about the availability of all listed document types, select the Set all documents to electronic delivery check box or to receive notifications only on specific document types, select the Electronic Delivery option for each preferred document.

6.   Click Save This Account.

7.   Read the Electronic Notification Agreement that displays, and then click I agree.  A confirmation indicates that the document delivery instructions have been saved for the selected account.

8.   Click the Close link.


If you have questions please call your Financial Advisor or Principal Securities Trade Desk at 888-774-6267.